Alessio Kolioulis is a PhD candidate in Aesthetics and Urban Studies at Paris 8 and Sapienza University of Rome, with a thesis on techno music, urban territories and subjectivity. Alessio writes about music, politics and cities for different journals and magazines including Millepiani, Mediapolis and Dancecult. He is currently co-authoring a chapter on Chicago House and Detroit Techno for the forthcoming book Sounds and the City - Volume 2 (Palgrave, 2018). Alessio is an editorial board member of Eterotopia France, an independent publishing company, and engagée, the magazine for political and philosophical interventions. He lives in London and has a background in the third sector.





Felix Maschewski is an independent author and a PhD student at HU Berlin, where he is a member of the PhD-net “knowledges of literature” (“Das Wissen der Literatur”). He is also a research associate at the Institut für Wirtschaftsgestaltung Berlin. Most recently, he has written various articles for edited volumes, particularly on the literary construction of the homo economicus in the contemporary novel, as well as on the cybernetic condition of processes of subjectivation (DeGruyter, 2018/ Königshausen & Neumann, 2018). His most recent journalistic and essayistic publications were published in Public Seminar, warehouse, MerkurBlog, agora42 and NZZ (co-authored with Anna-Verena Nosthoff).  // twitter: @felixmaschewski






Anna-Verena Nosthoff Anna-Verena Nosthoff is an independent author and a PhD student currently working on a philosophical critique of (neo-)cybernetic politics. She has published on critical theory and aesthetic resistance, particularly the thought of Theodor W. Adorno, Emmanuel Levinas, and Giorgio Agamben, in Cultural Politics, Culture, Theory & Critique, Critical Legal Thinking, and edited volumes (neofelis, 2017), among others. Her most recent essays that relate to her PhD topic were published in Public Seminar, warehouse, MerkurBlog, agora42 and NZZ (co-authored with Felix Maschewski). // twitter: @annanosthoff






Valerie Scheibenpflug was born on the 3rd of July, 1991 in Korneuburg. She is writing her doctoral thesis „Gemeinschaft. absolut-sein. unmöglich-sein/Community. being-absolut. being-impossible“ and teaches at a school in Vienna. She has studied Philosophy, Psychology, and German in Vienna, Nottingham and Heidelberg.


















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Johannes Siegmund works at the interfaces of art, philosophy and politics. He writes on philosophy, migration, fine arts and theatre. He is part of engagee and of the collective philosophy unbound. For his PhD-project "Philosophy of Flight" he is employed at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as a fellow of the Austrian Academy of Science.






Rahel Sophia Süß is the initiator of the magazine engagée. She is a political scientist and a Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Vienna. Rahel is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in London, with Chantal Mouffe as Research Collaborator. In her PhD, Rahel works on the concept of experimental radical democracy. She is the author of "Collective Agency. Gramsci, Holzkamp, Laclau/Mouffe." (2016, Turia + Kant)








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Dona Barirani is a PhD candidate at the Utrecht University. She conducts research on Global Environmental Governance and International Environmental Law. She is a research fellow at the Earth System Governance Project and chair of the PhD council of SENSE, the nationwide graduate school (SENSE) in the Netherlands. She supports engagée as a project coordinator since its foundation.

















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